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A Word From Pillow Talk Mothers

This month I spoke to mothers in our community about how we can better support our daughters. Most of them had some of the same topics. They want to see their daughters finish school, not become pregnant before marriage,  and to make sure they get a better opportunity than what we had as moms. I thought of many ways to put my best into this month meeting. We will have speakers to work with groups to offer workshops in those needed areas. We hope to get volunteers this month to help us pass out literature that will support the teens needs. Even though we are working on our major fundraisers, we must get out in the community to speak to our mothers and daughters. We hope to see you on the road. As we approach those exciting days to come,we will give you more updates. Looking forward to meeting all of you this year. See you soon.


More From The Founder

I will be starting our very first newsletter from a mother to another mother. I thought this was not an option, however it's a necessity.  As we share our views, needs, and wants. This will help get more information out there that will continue to support so many. We look forward in putting our love and thoughts in this mission.

Duce And Dime 210

We want to give a hand to one of our members as she get her dance group off to a risings start.  We like to show support to a sister group as she keep you healthy with every step she take. Keep dancing while staying healthy. 


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