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Pillow Talk Events And Updates



Lets Fall For The Leaves With The Best Seller Of 2017


The Fall season is here!!! and we are starting up the bookclub for 2017-2018.  The books have been selected by a new mom. We look forward to meeting each and everyone of you at the park for our fall enrollment. While we meet and greet one another and enjoy a cup of warm tea and hot chocolate. There will be a book list to share at the time of enrollment. I encourage you to bring your number one best seller, must read to the bookclub. You just might have one of choice. We will meet once a month for a recap on the book at some really nice event places. Feel free to pass the word around and invite those that will enjoy being apart of the group. As the leaves fall lets bring our mugs to cheer this group on. With that being said it's the softer side that makes this a warm place to be. See you there.


Locks Of Love Tour

Pillow Talk Parent-Teen Locks Of Love 2018 Paris Tour will hold a one year fundraiser to support all the moms and daughters that will speak out on stopping the violence in our community, schools, and on the jobs. There will be consecutive sponsors to support and promote our Locks Of Love Tour. Our Pillow Talk Parent-Teen will have a t-shirts drive on the website for a donation of 25.00 or more. This will help our organization get the word out about our tour to Paris. With that being said, We will be hosting a 5K walk in my shoes, and also a teen talent search On The Spot Entertainment to raise money to help with all of the funding for our up and coming events. It's our hope to bring the first monument to the St. Louis City to show our community that we can bridge the gap in our youth by getting them involved in the work of this project. Stopping the violence we all can do our part to bring about a change. We will be teaming up with the "Bullying Response Team". They will sponsor a gathering for all City Public Schools Staff and leaders. We will give more information about the events as the dates become near. Let's have hope by putting a pad lock on the violence.


Smile For Life Picture Day

This month we will have a fundraiser that will allow all mothers and daughters to get involved.  It will allowed our organization to raise the money we need for our upcoming tour this year.  Our goal is to raise enough money for some of our inner city families that have more than one teen in the organization.  This will allow the mothers and daughters a discount on the tour expenses to Paris.  If you haven't participated in this fundraiser, please make a note of the upcoming dates.  We appreciate all of your help in making this a success for most of the families that need the support.  Pillow Talk Parent- Teen Organization will like to thank you in advance. We hope you share this information with your love ones to make a difference and help stop the teen violence.  If you are in the St. Louis area, please stop by and join Pillow Talk Portrait Day on October 28, 2017.  The certificate is worth a donation of $10.00 and this will allow your family  a 8x10 Portrait or  Just for Kids package.  This is a moment to capture that mother and daughter smile, lets make it happen. Make sure you check your e-mail for more information on date, time, and locations. This date is subject to change.


Comming Soon To A School Near You Pillow Talk PTO Movie Night

We are having  movie night for the family to meet and greet our teens in the community.  This is an effort to get acquainted with mothers that have lost there teens due to an act of violence. We also would like to have a brief session on how to stop violence in our neighborhood. All proceeds will support the families that have lost a teen in hope to cover some extra expenses for the familes.  Get a jump start on stopping teen violence! Come join the families and show your love and support to them that have lost love ones.  The doors will be open to the city police officers, community leaders, church pastors, and all families that would like to make a difference in there neighborhoods, communities, and schools.  Let's go out to reach our teens by sending a true message.  "Let's Stop Teen Violence".







Many young ladies and teen girls face this situation every year being bullied. We must talk to our children about how to deal with this matter. Every school semester there will always be at least one in a classroom. However, we need to get involved with our young ladies, and teach them how to handle these cases at hand. We will be setting great examples and it's our hope here in the Pillow Talk PTO organization to put a padlock on it. By sharing what's going on to someone in authority we are making sure you don't feel threaten by that person by setting up a group meeting with the mom and teen to give an opportunity for them to discuss the matter at hand. I feel when we write down what the problems are, it will elevate the pressue that one might be experiencing. We must "Write to Fight this will get the problem solved.